I welcome you to the official site of the School of Postgraduate Studies of the Federal University Dutsin-Ma. The School is blessed with a crop of committed and dedicated Faculty poised to equip our graduates with a broad foundation in the general field as well as specialized knowledge in a particular discipline there in; prepare them to meet the human resources needs of a developing society and develop in them entrepreneurial knowledge needs of a developing society a sense of public responsibility and spirit of self-reliance.

The programmes that are currently being coordinated by the School include PGDs in (Accounting and Finance; Analytical Chemistry; Applied Physics with Electronics; Aquaculture and Fisheries Management; Computer Science; Crop Production; Education; Environmental Chemistry; Forensic and Instrumental methods in Chemistry; Geographic Information System; Livestock Production and Management; Management Environmental Management; Microbiology; Physics and Plant Science and Biotechnology); MSc Economics; MSc Geography; MSc Political Science; Masters in Environmental Management (Professional); Master of Development Studies (Professional); Masters in Geographic Information System (Professional); Master in Islamic Finance and Development (Professional); PhD Economics and PhD Political Science.

Our working principle in the School is to operate with the right attitude to duty, right relationship with colleagues and students including our visitors, function within delegated authority, respect constituted authority and be always available to contribute positively to achieve the objectives of the School.

To our students, our promise is ‘NOT A DAY LONGER’. We ask that you make this a reality as you register for our postgraduate programmes.

Thank you.